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About the Breed

To understand and fully appreciate the Desert Bred Arabian Horse, one must know his master, the Bedouin. A primitive nomadic tribesman, the Bedouin was a feared warrior of the desert who crisscrossed the Arabian peninsula partaking in "ghazus" or raids and surviving on whatever lean substance the desert had to offer. His dependence on horses and camels for mobility was a major decision making factor.

More importantly, the use of his horse as a distinct tactical fighting weapon led him to concentrate on its reproduction and it was from this awareness that the Bedouin became an

astute student of the lessons of inbreeding, line breeding, the influence of the mare line and the selection of breeding stock based on an almost fanatical quest for purity and performance. These principals adhered to, the Bedouin was then assured of producing the superior equine weapon upon which he could depend regardless of how difficult the circumstances. The feats of courage and endurance performed by the Arab and his horse became legendary, and the desert-forged excellence of his mount won him worldwide respect as a horseman and breeder of the finest horseflesh available. In an age when cavalry conquered nations,the Bedouin remained unconquerable largely because of the superiority of the Desert Bred Arabian Horse.

Why Choose the Desert Bred Arabian Horse?

Do you want a horse that has the qualities to succeed in any discipline? Is having an Arabian horse with a good disposition, strong hooves and a solid conformation important to you?

Desert Bred Arabians are foundation bred to Saudi Source bloodlines. The qualities that make the original Arabian horse unique are a result of centuries of breeding for performance in the harsh desert environment by the Bedouin Tribes of Saudi Arabia. Because of the Bedouin way of life, the desert horse needed to thrive on very little food. The Bedouins depended on their war horses to have speed, endurance, soundness and intelligence. A good temperament was critical.

The bloodlines of the original Arabian horse continues to thrive today in the Desert Bred Arabians. These versatile horses are resilient and have excellent conformation. They have spirit, while being gentle and easy to work with. These qualities of the Desert Bred Arabians are why they are excelling in multiple disciplines, from the endurance trail to the show ring.  Contact us to find out more about our horses.

About the Various Strains of Arabians

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