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DB Najem Huda x DB Dahmah
Registration # 598292

Looking for a horse loaded with talent, that's agile, light and quiet? Bint Dahmah has all that and more. This pretty mare is wonderfully smooth and is responsive to your aids. She's very steady on the trails and has developed into a lovely endurance mount. B. Dahmah has competed in 3 AERC Limited Distance rides which includes a 1st place finish with a Best Condition Award.

If western arts is your goal, Bint Dahmah has a tremendous foundation to a career in the western show ring. With her nice hind end, she can get her legs under her for stops and spins. She's schooling spins, rollbacks, stops and flying lead changes. With her lovely head carriage and feminine appearance, she's sure to get noticed in the show ring.

All sales and prices are established by private treaty. Please call for additional information. (618.539.3093. or 618.444.1853)

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