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The Abayyan

The Abayyan are more refined than the Kuhaylan and Hamdani and slightly smaller. They are noted for extreme tail carriage and a more lofty type of movement. The head is characterized by a bulging Jibah at the forehead and a fine, tapered muzzle. The Abayyan are longer in the back with a slight saddle-back appearance and high set of the tail. They are very deep in the barrel and forehand with broad forearms and a serpentine like appearance. The shoulders are very prominent with long withers and very clean boned straight legs.

The Abayyan are more spirited than the Kuhaylan and Hamdani. They are usually bay, grey or chestnut with white markings more common than in the Hamdani. The primary sources of the Abayyan strain in Desert Bred Arabian Stud include the imported mares *Muhaira, an Abayyah of Ibn Jiluwi,  an Al Obayyah of Sa'ud, as well as the stallions *Taamri, an Abayyan of Sa'ud and *Jalam Al Ubayan, a pure in the strain Abayyan of Ibn Jiluwi.

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