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The Dahman

The Dahman strain resembles somewhat the Abayyan and Saqlawi (related) strains in elegance but with more of the strength of the Kuhaylan. It is an intermediate blend of the Kuhaylan with the Saqlawi-Abayyan type. The head is short and broad like the Kuhaylan but with more bulge and jibah. They are compact with lines more like the Kuhaylan but with more over all refinement. They are of medium build usually with dry, flatbone.

The Dahman strain is presently represented at Desert Bred Arabian Stud by only one female line, that of *Sawannah imported from Bahrain in 1954. The line is carried on through her daughter, *Hadriya by the previously mentioned, *Jalam Al Ubayan. This line descends from a Dahmah mare of Sheikh Sulman bin Hamid al Khalifa, ruler of Bahrain. The Al Khalifa family has occupied the island country of Bahrain since 1783 and they were originally from a branch of the Anazah confederation.

Strain breeding is an art, as well as encompassing the science of equine reproduction. Any blend of several strain types may be suitable for various horses under certain conditions. A study of the various original Bedouin strain types is useful for both preserving these types in their own form or for breeding blends for specific preferences. The Desert Bred Arabian Stud emphasizes breeding horses of similar strains and like types as necessary to preserve the finest qualities of the Desert Arabian.

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