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The Hamdani

The Hamdani are considered historically as being Kuhaylan related. Like the Kuhaylan they are more masculine but of a slightly longer frame with a very strong back and more prominent withers coming well out of the back. They are slightly taller having strong bone of quality and substance with large joints. The head of the Hamdani is clean and wedge shaped without a lot of detail or prominence of tear bone and is slightly longer than the Kuhaylan. The hind quarter is somewhat egg-shaped creating the picture of power and speed.

The Hamdani are considered the best in endurance and stamina yet with very quiet dispositions. They are most often bey or grey with very little white and they are a favorite strain of the Sa'ud family. The Hamdani strain is incorporated our breeding program primarily from the imported Sa'ud pure in the strain Hamdani mares, *Sindidah, *Rudann, *Halwaaji, and her daughter *Amiraa. Also representing the Hamdani strain is the imported Sa'ud mare, *AL Hamdaniyah, and the imported stallion, *Furtha Dhellal, and Hamdani of the Dawasir.

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