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The Kuhaylan

In general the Kuhaylan strain is characterized by a more masculine, balanced and symmetrical appearance. They are broad across the chest, back, croup, forearm and gaskin. The forehead is usually flat, if any bulge (jibah) appears it is usually above the eyes. The head is usually wide and short with small, alert ears. The Kuhaylan tend to be of a quieter nature. They have a more forward type of movement which creates a look of flowing lines from head to tail. While the Kuhaylan Ajuz and Kuhaylan Haifi are very similar the more rare Kuhaylan Krush tend to have a more sinuous appearance.

The Kuhaylan strain at Desert Bred Arabian Stud is represented by three branches: The Kuhaylan Ajuz descending from the Sa'ud mare, *Turfa, The Kuhaylan Haifi descending from the Davenport mare, *Reshan and the Kuhaylan Krush descending from the Davenport mare, *Werdi.

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